FIAC S.p.A. guarantees its products against all design and production defects for a period of 12 months from the date of installation. This date must be submitted to FIAC S.p.A. by fill in the warranty card or the form present on the website www.fiac.it .
In case of no information from the customer, the warranty will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of FIAC invoice. Warranty extension to 24 mouths only for consumer air compressors.
a) This warranty does not cover parts which, due to the use to their specific use are subject to wear and tear.
b) Any warranty work must only be performed by FIAC S.p.A. or by a Service Centre authorised by FIAC S.p.A.
c) Shipments of any goods to FIAC S.p.A. for any type of warranty work must only be carried out after the written authorisation of FIAC S.p.A. who will decide, at its sole discretion, whether to authorise such a return or whether to make use of the services of an Authorised Service Centre.
All shipments to FIAC S.p.A. must be made on a carriage-paid basis and shipping costs will be charged for the return to the customer of the products concerned.
d) This warranty covers the repair or replacement free of charge of components that are recognised to be defective by our authorised technicians.
e) This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, negligence or incorrect or improper installation or use, including installation or use that does not comply with the information contained in the "Maintenance Manual". It also ceases to apply if modifications or repairs using non-original FIAC parts are carried out by persons not authorised by FIAC S.p.A. All defective parts replaced under warranty will be retained by the authorised service centre.
f) This warranty does not cover the repair or the reimbursement of damage caused during transportation (to or from the Authorised Service Centre).
g) This warranty does not cover any form of reimbursement for damage caused to persons and/or objects deriving from the improper/inappropriate use of the model purchased and/or downtime (it's customer's duty to safeguard itself from this event).
h) Warranty support for equipment is only available to those customers complying with the contractual and administrative conditions of sale who present specific documentary evidence of the date of purchase.
i) This is the only warranty recognised as valid by FIAC S.p.A. No-one is authorised to give any other written or verbal warranties, or to modify these terms.

All disputes will be settled by sole reference to the Bologna Court.

The submission of orders for the purchase of FIAC S.p.A. products implies acceptance, without reservations, of the following terms of supply which are an integral part of the sales contract. Any variations must be approved by FIAC S.p.A. by an order confirmation, which will be sent only on request?of the customer, and which will only apply to that specific order.
Orders are always received by FIAC S.p.A. with the clause “subject to acceptance by the company”. Submission of an order implies acceptance by the customer of the stated terms of supply. Orders from customers are firm and binding and cannot be reduced or cancelled, unless the delivery time exceeds by three (3) months that communicated in writing by FIAC S.p.A.
If on submission of the order the product code is not consistent with the product description, then reference will be made to the product code. Orders placed via our agents, representatives or salespersons are always subject to acceptance by FIAC S.p.A. Accordingly, they are only binding?if confirmed by the sending of an Order Confirmation (on request?of the customer).
With regard to orders?of less than Euro 150.00 net (taxable value of goods),? payment terms are cash-on-delivery or in advance and an additional charge of Euro 10.00 will be added to the invoice to cover fixed expenses. Goods are sold on an ex works basis.
Completion of an order is subject to the availability of stock and production schedules and, accordingly, there is no guarantee of fulfilment in one shipment.
FIAC S.p.A. therefore reserves the right to fulfil orders by making a number of shipments. Partial or total failure to fulfil an order does not give the customer of FIAC S.p.A. any right of redress or to claim damages, or to cancel or reduce the order, unless in the circumstances described earlier, or to delay payments. Any delivery times communicated are understood to be approximate. In addition, FIAC S.p.A. does not accept liability for delays caused by force majeur. FIAC S.p.A. may refuse cancellations of orders for models not carried in stock that have been ordered specifically by the customer.
Goods are delivered on an ex works basis and, accordingly, travel at the customerâs own risk. In the case of delays, damage, theft, tampering or loss during transportation, the recipient must refer solely to the carriers since FIAC S.p.A. does not accept any responsibility for this towards the customer or the recipient. Before accepting a delivery of goods, we suggest that the weight, the number of packages and their condition be checked. In the case of dispute, the reservations should be noted on the shipping document and countersigned by the driver, adding the date and time.
FIAC S.p.A. delivers the goods with adequate packing or packaging that is supplied free of charge. Any shortages in the number of items (including those in sealed boxes) must be reported by registered letter within 8 days of receipt. After this period of time, the goods are deemed to have been tacitly accepted.
Any expenses for packaging in crates or cages or similar, will be debited at cost.
The price list in force (excluding VAT) at the time of the order, which cancels and replaces all previous price lists, applies to the order together with any discount terms specified in a separate letter.
FIAC S.p.A. reserves the right to amend the Price List at any time and without prior notice. Payments must be addressed to FIAC S.p.A., on the basis indicated on the invoice. Payments must be made punctually on the due dates established, even with regard to products that are found to be defective, claims for which are governed by point 8.
If a customer fails to make a payment at the expiry date then FIAC S.p.A. reserves the automatic right to change the payment terms?to in?advance. If a customer fails to make a payment, then FIAC S.p.A. will suspend supplies until payment has been received. Delays in the settlement, or partial settlement, of an invoice give FIAC S.p.A. the right, with immediate effect, to request default interest pursuant to Decree 231/2002.
FIAC S.p.A. reserves the right to amend the terms of payment at any time.
FIAC S.p.A. accepts returns of machines, accessories and spares, recognising 100% of the amount and the transport costs, in the case of an error made by the Company. In any case, no returns of goods will be accepted unless these have been specifically authorised by FIAC S.p.A. in writing, and no returns of goods that have been invoiced for more than 6 months from the request for return will be authorised.
All products sold by FIAC S.p.A. are manufactured in compliance with laws and safety of the user.
The technical information, sizes and characteristics included in the catalogues may be amended without prior notice. Any changes do not release the customer from the order committment and does not give the latter any right of redress.
10 - INFORMATION ACCORDING WITH new General Regulation on Protection of EU data (GDPR).
Personal data provided by the customer will be treated by the holder FIAC SpA, located in Via Vizzano No 23, 40037 Pontecchio Marconi (Bologna), Italy, (hereinafter “FIAC”), with IT system and not in compliance with new General Regulation on Protection of EU data (GDPR), exclusively for the following purposes: to give effect to this contract and to fulfill all of its services and obligations, including the after sale/warranty service and to perform statistical analysis and research in an anonymous form. Under this exclusive purpose your data may be communicated to operators contractually linked to FIAC (such as freight forwarders, couriers, banks) and to companies and workers belonging to the FIAC distribution and servicing network(such as subsidiaries, importers, distributors, dealers, installers, after sales centres), even if located in countries outside the European Union, and will be brought to the attention of Managers (if designated) and people in charge of the processing designated by the Owner and FIAC by those entities. Personal data will not be disclosed.
The provision of data for such purposes is optional, it’s not a regulatory requirement, but it is strictly necessary to conclude and give effect to this contract. The failure to provide data for such purposes will not consent, therefore, to conclude this contract and to carry it out.
With regard to the use of these rights, as well as a list of those responsible for the processing designated by FIAC, you can send a communication to fiac@fiac.it.

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