The portable compressor is born in F.I.A.C. Its reduced dimensions make it suitable for semi-professional and DIY uses. Thanks to this, F.I.A.C. enters a completely new market and it is here that it becomes widely known with three models: Stratos, Cosmos and the portable Jet.

The evolution continues on the wave of technological research resulting in the first compressor pumps entirely moulded in alluminium. F.I.A.C.'s committment to research is rewarded by innovative results.

Once again, F.I.A.C. is ahead of its time by developing the first industrial "silent" compressors with direct driven and rotary screw pumps. Three years later, international legislation limits acoustic pollution in the work place and these compressors, already well tested, represent the best that the market has to offer.

F.I.A.C designs and launches onto the market, oil less air compressors (without oil), which guarantee clean air for all those uses where maximum hygiene and compressed air which is free of impurities, are necessary. Another step forward in the technology of compressed air which, once again, sees FIAC as its protagonist.

F.I.A.C. Brazil is established for the manufacture of compressors, from pumps to air receivers, from painting to assembly, with the F.I.A.C. guarantee of quality.

F.I.A.C. carries out research on the application of the inverter of the electric motor of the compressor in order to obtain machines of variable speed which result in considerable energy savings. It applies for a patent denominated "Intelligent Compressor".

F.I.A.C. is registered with the Institute of Research Laboratories with the Ministry of Education of the University of Research which permits F.I.A.C. to carry out research projects both for itself and also for small and medium sized companies.

F.I.A.C. manufactures compressor number 1.000.000

Enlargement of its covered premises from 10,000 to 28,000 sq.m.

Extension of its industrial range of rotary screw compressors up to 100 HP.

The "Eureka" project is accomplished.

F.I.A.C. S.r.l. becomes F.I.A.C. S.p.A.

F.I.A.C. China is established, which completes F.I.A.C.'s commercial programme alongside F.I.A.C. Russia, F.I.A.C. England and F.I.A.C. Poland.

Extension of its industrial range of rotary screw compressors to include the inverter.

Re-styling of its entire range of rotary screw compressors.

FIAC has generated the evolution of the DIY compressor by creating the AirEVO range, which is distinguished by the use of new construction techniques and ergonomical design.

1977- 2007, protagonists in the evolution of compressed air for 30 years

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