Air receivers for compressed air plants

The use of an air receivers in a compressed air plants satisfies the highest levels of air consumption and regulates the working cycle of the compressor. The tank can also act as a condensate pre-separator, since the compressed air that passes through the tank is chilled, which does indeed transform part of the humidity into condensate, thus facilitating the treatment of the air downstream. FIAC tanks are painted in epoxy powder paint and are supplied complete with accessories (ball tap, gauge, safety valve, manual condensate drain tap). For special requirements you can also request them to be galvanised. The range includes tanks with capacities of 100 to 900 litres, which comply with standard EC 87/404 and tanks with capacities from 2000 to 3000 litres, which comply with standard PED EC/97/23. On request we can even supply tanks having a capacity of 10000 litres.

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